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Your direct route to sustainability

Ready to switch to an electric fleet? We ensure a smooth sustainability transition and devise an electromobility solution tailored to your company’s requirements.

Discover the benefits of electromobility

Receive expert advice

Draw on clear, customised advice from our experts.

Reduce costs

Take full advantage of the tax incentives associated with electric vehicles.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Demonstrably improve your company's environmental footprint.

Step-by-step transition to eMobility

What are your current mobility requirements? Together, we explore the optimal electromobility solution for your business. Require an add-on solution? We’ll take care of that too! Read how to electrify your fleet here.

Step 1 - Analyse your fleet using our handy tool

We analyse your company’s fleet by using several of our internal tools, to identify your precise mobility requirements.

Step 2 - Select your vehicle(s)

Choose from a wide range of electric cars and/or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Step 3 - Benefit from optimal charging solution(s)

We analyse your employee travel patterns to provide an optimal mix of home, on the road and workplace charging options.

Step 4 - Experience the ultimate in flexibility

Our add-on mobility options guarantee a seamless eMobility experience:
Add-on MobilityAlphabet Mobility AppMobiliteitsbudget

Join our free webinar hosted by Belgian EV experts

Want to learn more about electrifying your fleet? Belgian EV experts tell you everything you need to know about electromobility. Enter your details below and view the full webinar without delay.

Interested in the tax incentives associated with electromobility? Then view our webinar on taxation.

Download the Alphabet e-Guide

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Check out our frequently asked questions regarding electric driving

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