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How do you prepare for a car holiday?

Hoe bereidt u zich voor op een autovakantie?

85% of Belgians went on holiday by car in 2016. Are you planning to gas up and go abroad? If so, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Car holiday checklist

Preparation is key. So pop back down to the garage and check the following before you leave on holiday:

  • Tyre pressure: 0.2 or 0.3 bar is fine for a fully laden car.
  • Tread depth of the tyres: at 2.5 mm we recommend you change your tyres.
  • Spare wheel: check the pressure and tread depth of the spare wheel too.
  • Coolant: as long as the level is between the markers everything is fine.
  • Oil level: check that the oil level is between the two markers on the dipstick.
  • Windscreen wash: just to be sure, fill the reservoir to its maximum marker.
  • Windscreen wipers: it is time to replace them if they leave stripes or a haze across a clean windscreen.
  • Bulbs: check your headlights and rear lights, indicators and brake lights before you leave.
  • GPS: install the most recent update of your maps and GPS.

Can I go on holiday in my lease car?

Of course you can! But if you are leaving the Schengen Area ask Alphabet for a certificate first. You may be asked to produce this written permission for the authorities during your trip. If you don’t have the certificate with you there is a chance that the car might be impounded.

Always insured with Alphabet

50% of Belgians believe, often mistakenly, that their car insurance covers them for accidents abroad. However, you are always insured with Alphabet, because every lease vehicle comes with roadside assistance. Alphabet Assistance covers accidents and mechanical breakdown.

SOS - Accident!

Has your vehicle broken down? On the French motorways it is best to use an orange emergency telephone post. In all other cases you can call Alphabet Assistance: +32(0)78 15 05 35, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. For medical assistance, fire services or police call 112.

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