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Lease car take-over

Did you know that you can purchase your own lease car at the end of its contract? As a matter of fact, nobody knows the vehicle better than you. Moreover, Alphabet offers you excellent conditions like a 1-year warranty and 1 year roadside assistance!

Step 1

The purchaser confirms his/her agreement with the purchase price proposed by Alphabet. Our proposal is valid for 30 calendar days. After 30 days, we may have to provide an adjusted price proposal.

Step 2

Following to your agreement, our partner B2cars contacts you to further finalize the sale. They will give you the original registration certificate and provide further specific information about the steps to be followed.

Step 3

We send you a voucher for the technical inspection. The voucher serves as a means of payment when you personally present the car for technical inspection, required for a sale.

Step 4

Once the car has been inspected, you can take the documents you received from the vehicle inspection to your insurance agent. The agent then handles the registration and insurance of your car.

Step 5

Once the registration is done, you will receive your license plate at your home address after a few days.

Step 6

You pay for the car.

Step 7

You fit the new license plate to your vehicle. You send the old license plate back to our partner B2cars. Once our partner B2cars have received the old license plate, copy of the documents of the technical inspection for sale and purchase amount, you become the owner of this car. At this point Alphabet also terminates the existing lease contract.

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