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Alphabet Mobility App

Our partner Olympus Mobility’s mobility platform combines various sustainable mobility services and guides users digitally from A to Z. Planning journeys, purchasing transport tickets and consulting the remaining mobility budget is all possible in one handy app.

What services can be accessed through the Alphabet Mobility App?

These services are extremely user-friendly and can be ordered directly in the Olympus app:

  • NMBS: single tickets, standard multi (10 journey card), railease pass (day passes for people with a company car) and subscriptions
  • De Lijn: m-ticket, m-card (10 journey card) and subscriptions
  • MIVB: Jump10 and Jump10 Airport (*)
  • TEC: Next 1 and Multiflex (multiple journey card)
  • Cambio: shared cars in more than 60 cities
  • Carpool: carpool system for employees
  • Blue bike: shared bikes at 65 NMBS-stations
  • Velo: shared bikes in Antwerp and Linkeroever
  • Mobit: shared bikes in 10 cities in Flanders
  • Swapfiets: standard and electric bike rental including assistance, maintenance and insurance
  • B-parking: parkings nearby NMBS-stations
  • 4411: street parking in more than 60 cities
  • Subscriptions: NMBS, De Lijn, MIVB, Velo shared bike
  • Moovit route planner: focused on public transport and shared bikes, with detailed and real-time information
  • KM registration for work trips and commuting
  • Multi-budget management: expense budget, cafetaria budget, legal mobility budget, private budget (linked to your own bank- or credit card)
  • You can invite family members to the Olympus app

Olympus also provides a self-service solution for other mobility services (e.g. Waterbus, Villo, Billy Bike,...) that are not integrated in the app. The user orders the ticket with his own resources and his payment is immediately and automatically refunded to his personal account.

Via Olympus Refundr you can offer your employees a more efficient way to spend their mobility budget. By integrating My Mobility Budget Butler (MMBB) reimbursement services into the Olympus app, reimbursement requests are processed for approval easily and more efficiently, without costing additional time or money.

*These options require a Mobib card. If you do not yet have a Mobib card, you can order an anonymous Basic Mobib card via the app.

Advantages to you as an employer:

  • Positive employer branding: use a mobility budget and/or flexible remuneration to attract talented candidates and reinforce your environmentally friendly image
  • Simpler administration: Every month, you receive one invoice with overviews of the mobility history, VAT and service costs. Additionally, you can easily access reports via the management portal
  • The app searches for the cheapest fares and smartest combined transport options

Advantages to your employees:

  • Freedom of choice: flexibility in choosing or combining different transport modes depending on the user and the journey
  • No hassle with receipts or expense notes and no need to advance payments out of pocket
  • More peace of mind and a better work-life balance by aligning transport to needs, contributing positively to a more sustainable living environment

How does the Alphabet Mobility App work?

  • Employees download the Olympus Mobility app
  • As the employer, you allocate a company budget to each employee
  • Once your employees download the app and if there is money in their account, they can purchase transport solutions and pay for parking digitally. Each purchase is automatically deducted from their budget. As long as the budget is not depleted and employees haven’t hit any personal limits, they can continue making purchases.