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AlphaCity - Corporate Carsharing

Lease cars sit unused in the car park for more than 90% of the time, while car costs apply 100% of the time. AlphaCity makes business car sharing possible, simple and efficient. Employees can reserve an AlphaCity car at any time via an online reservation system, and have access to the car via the AlphaGuide app or via a personal pass. This makes key registration and administrative operations a thing of the past, because the whole process is automated.

Why choose AlphaCity?

  • Car sharing with the luxury of an operational lease: the shared (lease) car includes maintenance, insurance, assistance and tyre changes.
  • Exclusive for your organisation: the cars can only be used by your employees.
  • Secured for use: the shared car can only be used after registration.
  • Keyless access: the employee can unlock and lock the car via the AlphaGuide app or via a personal pass.
  • Handy online booking tool & central fleet management: via internet or the AlphaGuide app (available for Android and iOS).
  • Use both for business and for private purposes: you, as the employer, retain the overview of use and costs. Costs for professional use are automatically allocated to the right department. Combined with private use, you can reduce the TCO of the car and maximise the occupancy rate of your fleet.
  • AlphaCity enables you to reduce your TCM (Total Cost of Mobility): by offering an alternative to taxis, public transport, rental cars and declarations of kilometres travelled.
  • Good working environment: you optimise the mix between mobility and the CO2 footprint of your organisation.

Ease of sharing in 4 steps

Reserve online easily and get in the car without the need for a key

1. Registration

After completing the one-time registration, the user receives an AlphaCity keycard and access to the AlphaGuide app.

2. Reservation

Choose a car for the desired period via computer or smartphone.

3. Keyless access

A single keycard or the AlphaGuide app gives access to all available cars.

4. Maximum freedom

Use AlphaCity for business trips, as well as for a weekend away.

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