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The route to sustainability

Seamless EV Integration

Upgrade your fleet with seamlessly integrated electric vehicles.

Reduce Costs

Take full advantage of EVs low running costs and tax incentives.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

Improve your carbon footprint in one simple step.

Do you have questions about driving electric?

Get all the right answers by using our simple tools.

Is electric driving a possibility for your company?

Which form of electric driving suits you best?

What charging infrastructure will you need?

Will electric vehicles limit your mobility?

Let us guide you through the eMobility process.

Our service provides clear and individually tailored advice exactly where you need it.

1. Your fleet analysis

2. Your vehicle selection

3. Your charging solutions

4. Your mobility options

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1. Fleet analysis

What's right for your fleet?

Our Mobility Consulting Tool (MCT) will show you exactly what type of mobility your business needs.

Tracking of your vehicle's routes

By observing exactly how your fleet behaves we can collect distance, speed, acceleration and parking data.

Evaluation of your driving patterns

Through your fleet's existing behaviour we identify the most effective financial and environmental goals.

Concrete, actionable suggestions

Receive advice on which vehicles could be replaced with electric models and what charging infrastructure they would need.

2. Vehicle selection

Are you ready to start driving an electric car?

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)

BEVs contain a battery that powers 100% of the vehicle and have a range of between 180-400 kilometers between charges.

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV)

PHEVs combine a battery and combustion engine for longer driving distances.

3. Charging solutions

What charging infrastructure will you need?

We analyse your journey patterns to provide the best mix of home, public and workplace charging options.

Strategically placed charging

Using your fleet's tracking data, we can identify the location and type of charging points required to keep your business moving.

Installation and maintenance

Once your charging infrastructure is in place, we keep it maintained so you can focus on driving your business.

Charge at home and at work

Moreover, we consult you on safe and reliable charging for both commercial and residential locations.

4. Mobility services

Which additional services guarantee a seamless eMobility?

Our customisable options keep your drivers moving both inside and outside of office hours.

Add-on mobility

Our Add-on Mobility service gives you the freedom to switch to different vehicles for longer journeys and at short notice.

Driver support 24/7

Take advantage of 24/7 support via our hotline in case you ever need help.

Flexible Leasing Offers

Guarantee that you are satisfied with the usage of selected EVs.

Power your company with eMobility

We are here to guide you through each step of the process.

Unconvinced? Find out more about our trial period and our eMobility FAQs.

How can my business benefit from AlphaElectric?

The ways are multi-fold. Choosing AlphaElectric reduces your company’s carbon footprint and optimises the TCM by reducing overall mobility costs. Each holistic solution, including the right vehicles and charging infrastructure, is tailored to your company’s requirements.

What are the advantages of the Mobility Consulting Tool (MCT)?

No two companies’ eMobility needs are alike. The Mobility Consulting Tool (MCT) evaluates your current fleet to determine if, and to what extent, electric vehicles (EV) would make more sense than combustion engine cars. Based on the results, we develop a customised eMobility solution including the charging infrastructure for your fleet.

How successful is AlphaElectric from an environmental perspective?

AlphaElectric is sustainable, because it does not rely on traditional fossil fuels that generate harmful emissions. In fact, EVs have zero tailpipe emissions and, when charged with green energy, offer a near emission-free driving experience.

How far can I drive on an one-hour charge?

That depends on numerous factors, including vehicle make and model, the charging station and the charging cable you use. In a best-case scenario, you can drive a Tesla Model S around 300 km after a 30 minute long charge.

Can I charge an AlphaElectric vehicle outside the company?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is, that it depends on your company’s mobility solution, which may offer charging possibilities on company grounds, at employees’ homes or in public facilities.

How long does it take to fully charge an AlphaElectric vehicle?

It depends on the vehicle and charging method. Fast charging only takes around 30 minutes to one hour, while normal charging via a home outlet takes around eight. On average, 80 per cent of a battery is charged after 45 minutes.

My company has offices in multiple countries. Where is AlphaElectric available?

Currently, companies in 14 countries benefit from AlphaElectric: Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Austria, and Australia. More countries will follow in the near future.

Is it possible to make longer journeys with AlphaElectric?

In one word: yes. Some fully electric vehicles, like the BMW i3, offer a range extender to increase the coverage. Hybrid vehicles are equipped with a combustion engine for longer distances. Additionally it’s also easy to rent a car with a combustion engine as a short-term solution, which is known as “add-on mobility”.