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AlphaFlex: The mobility budget by Alphabet

With AlphaFlex, Alphabet ensures that you can offer various different means of transport to your employees, within a budget that you determine yourself. As an employer, you can let your employees choose between a company car, with or without add-on mobility, a bicycle and/or a mobility app with which to pay for other mobility solutions. This gives every employee the chance to meet his or her mobility needs in the best possible way.

Plenty of benefits for you and your employees

  • Hassle free: Alphabet works with you to develop a custom mobility policy. We work with partners whose offerings reflect the mobility budget’s essential flexibility and can fulfil your needs as an employer. Just as Alphabet does, they place great value on customer experience and the provision of high-quality service.
  • Sustainable and efficient: You give employees the freedom to choose how they travel and which means of transport (or possibly combination of means of transport) they consider most appropriate to complete their journey as quickly as possible.
  • Employer branding: Offering a flexible mobility solution has a positive effect on the perception of your company as a sustainable employer.

Our solution: