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Lease a van

Companies come in all shapes and sizes, which is why Alphabet does custom work. While you do what you’re best at, we will put together your ideal fleet, including vans. From storage systems to track & trace equipment, we’ll convert every aspect of your light commercial vehicle for you. Plus, you get our extensive fleet service just because.

What are the advantages?

  1. Customised advice
    Naturally, it is important to select a van that suits your activities, but our service provision includes more than just assisting with your initial choice of vehicle. Our team of specialists will provide you with advice on the bodywork, interior, and even full conversion projects.
  2. Fast conversion
    Would you like a van in your company’s colours? With a side door, a sliding door, or a customised storage system? We work together with several partner companies that specialise in conversion so that we can guarantee the timely delivery of even the most complex combinations.
  3. Worry-free, all-in service
    As a business owner, you prefer to invest your time in your customers and your business. We understand completely. Our team will take care of the maintenance, repairs, tyre changes, insurance, etc. for your van or light commercial vehicle.

Included services