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Passenger Car

When leasing a car long term, you are choosing mobility over ownership. The entire management of your vehicle fleet is transferred to Alphabet. The monthly payments are entered as expenditure and so do not feature on your company's balance sheet. Leasing gives rise to a well-budgeted vehicle fleet, where complete mobility is purchased for a fixed price per month. 

Financial benefits

  • You do not have to invest in your vehicle. Your resources remain free for other expenses. 
  • The hire costs are regarded as business expenditure. 
  • No budget surprises, thanks to a fixed monthly rental price.
  • Cost savings, thanks to our purchasing economies of scale and better sales markets.

Economic benefits: 

  • No risk in terms of the resale value or repairs.
  • The mobility of your employees is always guaranteed. 

Administrative benefits

  • Just one booking and payment per month for your entire fleet.
  • Alphabet takes care of all the administration: fuel, maintenance, …
  • Evolution of your fleet: the right information for making policy and budget decisions.