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Finance leasing

for vehicles of all brands

Carefree and cost-effective

Is your company looking to invest in new facilities and equipment, including vehicles? Alphabet finance leasing is a cost-effective and carefree way to lease your company fleet for a fixed monthly payment. This can include additional services such as servicing, maintenance, tyre changing and insurance.

No capital commitment, no risk

With a finance lease, we take on the raising of capital and the credit risk, and acquire passenger vehicles, light-duty vehicles and motorbikes on your behalf. The services you need are already included the monthly lease fee payments. As with operating leasing, Alphabet enables you to benefit from finance leasing with a closed-end lease. This means that the costs of maintaining your fleet are included, together with the costs for tyres and insurance, and you will not be required to provide capital for any unforeseen additional costs.

Further benefits

Residual value guaranteed by supplier

With a finance lease, you choose the vehicles and we calculate the monthly lease fee, taking into account the term of the lease, the mileage and the vehicles’ residual value. The residual value or presumed resale value of the vehicles is calculated at the beginning of the lease and guaranteed by the supplier.

This leaves you with

more time and less to worry about

Alphabet not only takes care of the financing and the procurement of the vehicles, but also the resale. This is an attractive option in many respects, providing you with new vehicles and enabling you to benefit from our fleet expertise.

The best possible conditions

The benefits at a glance

  • No raising of capital, no credit risk
  • Closed-end lease with regard to servicing, repair, tyres and insurance
  • Residual value guaranteed by a third party
  • More time and peace of mind thanks to resale arrangements
  • Leasing costs are operating costs and therefore tax deductible
  • Purchase option at end of agreement


We are happy to help!

You can reach us by phone Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

+41 58 269 65 67 (for customers)
+41 58 269 67 54 (for dealers/service partners)