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Future-proof your fleet with AlphaElectric

Making the switch to electric vehicles (EVs/PHEVs) may sound complicated and costly, but Alphabet have been helping businesses like yours to effortlessly electrify their fleets since 2014.

Electric vehicles aren't just more sustainable - with lower operating costs, fewer maintenances issues, and government tax incentives and grants, you'll wish you'd flipped the switch sooner.

Discover how AlphaElectric's range of solutions can help you bring your fleet into the electric era, whether you're at the beginning of your electric journey or already in the process of moving to EVs/PHEVs.



Building a tailored eMobility strategy with you

Our eMobility experts will take the time to fully understand your business needs, challenges, and goals to help you establish what type of electric vehicles would suit your fleet. There’s no commitment to go any further, and we'll tell you if we don't think EVs/PHEVs are right for your business.

Fleet analysis

Our experts combine a deep understanding of your business and fleet, with driving data and operational requirements, to provide clear advice on whether or not each of your vehicles should be electric.

Electrification strategy

Working with you to define your business goals and reasons for switching to electric, we can help create a comprehensive strategy with measurable objectives, like lowering CO2 emissions or optimising your costs.

International eCar policy

Switching to electric may mean revising your car policy. Our International eCar policy provides you with the framework to implement this smoothly, and includes advice on car selection and charging.

TCO consulting

Electric vehicles can reduce your Total Cost Ownership. We consider all factors from acquisition to upkeep, regulations, and incentives, so your fleet stays efficient and cost-effective.

Charging strategy

Our expertise and extensive network will help you find the right balance of workplace, home, and on-the-go charging to ensure your fleet gets where it needs to go and that your business mileage reimbursement policy is robust, fair and compliant.



Powering your fleet and empowering your drivers

Once your electric strategy is agreed, our experts will begin making your eMobility fleet a reality. This includes getting you set up with charging points at work, at employees' homes, or using the growing number of public charging points.

Home charging

Our experts support you with wall box installation, maintenance, and inspection. And we also know what needs to happen if an employee moves home or leaves the company.

Workplace charging

We'll advise you on the best places to install charging stations at your workplace, helping you source, install and maintain exactly what your fleet needs.

Public charging

With AlphaElectric, you'll have access to one of the largest charging infrastructures in the UK, making sure your drivers can charge their vehicle wherever their journey


Daily Operations

Round-the-clock expertise and optimisation

Once your electric fleet is up and running, we'll continue to support your business with driver training and troubleshooting. This includes detailed reporting tools to maximise efficiency, and additional carsharing solutions like AlphaCity.

Evaluation and efficiency

We'll continue to help you optimise your electric fleet. Using management technologies, our experts can identify new opportunities for you to meet the objectives in your electrification strategy.

Driver support

We're committed to providing excellent customer care, so we're always on hand to support your drivers as they get accustomed to eMobility.

Corporate Carsharing

AlphaCity can empower all your employees to drive electric on business journeys, even if they don't have a company car. With AlphaCity, you can use your vehicles flexibly and efficiently, boosting your sustainability and employee motivation.


Let's talk about electrifying your fleet

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