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Lachende Frau

You've probably noticed the exciting new look of our website, and we hope you like it. This is just the start.

Mann mit Klapprad

Forward thinking

Spotting and anticipating trends, implementing new mobility and technology - change is a core part of who we are as we strive to advise and deliver for your business.

Mann mit Smartphone

Better mobility

Today’s world sees change happening faster and faster. We're ready to support you with everything that lies ahead.

We're your guide through a world of complexities to better mobility - sustainable, flexible, more efficient.

Mann geht zu seinem Fahrzeug

Creative, convenient, and empowering

You and your business are our inspiration.

We aim to be resourceful in coming up with smart and tailored solutions to add energy to your business.

Frau lädt E-Fahrzeug

For a better tomorrow

At Alphabet, we want to play a vital role in shaping a sustainable future across both our business and yours.

Car and van
Sustainability (Ausgeblendet)
With our sustainable consulting, we can provide expertise on topics such as CO2 targets, CO2 neutrality and much more. Our experience can help you navigate your road to net zero emissions.
AlphaGuide (Ausgeblendet)
Our app is just one intelligent step towards more efficient mobility, combining self-service with connectivity to deliver convenience for both you and your drivers.
Hamburg Hafencity

Your mobility. Made easy.

This is what we aspire to and what drives our thinking and developments. We aim to be the right partner to help your business to better things.

Hi, I am Alphie. How can I help you?