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Business Leasing Offers

A small selection of our latest car and van business lease offers can be found below. However, we can offer a vast range of different vehicles and vans across more than 40 manufacturers. 

If you can’t find the vehicle you are looking for, get in touch on 01252 978 797 and our team of experts will work with you to find the right vehicle for you and your business. Vehicles can be ordered directly from the factory, built to your exact specification or sourced from stock for a quicker delivery.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contract Hire and how does it work?

Contract Hire is a finance option available to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies to fund the use of a vehicle. Contract Hire is ideal for businesses who would prefer fixed monthly costs for business mobility, without the option to own the vehicle at the end of the contract.

You’ll need to tell us how often you’ll be using the vehicle and how long you would like it for, so we can offer the best solution for your requirements, with the Initial Rental and fixed monthly rentals set out, so you’re always aware of your outgoings.

At the end of the Contract Hire agreement, you can decide how to move forward. Whether to renew your lease, or simply give the vehicle back to us.

How can Contract Hire benefit my business?
  • Fixed monthly payments for business mobility, so you always know where you stand with cash flow
  • Include maintenance within your contract to avoid unforeseen costs like new tyres or windscreens etc.
  • Choose from a wide range of manufacturers and models, to ensure you find the vehicle that’s fit for purpose
  • Configure your contract to suit, including duration, mileage and optional extras
  • Freedom to amend your agreement mid-contract to allow for business flexibility, if you’re eligible
  • Consultation from the UK’s leading provider for Business Mobility on hand to assist with updates to legislation, duty of care and cost saving opportunities
  • Claim back VAT due on monthly rental payments, if you are a VAT registered sole trader or business
  • Road Fund Licence (RFL) fully paid for, so you don’t have to encounter increasing costs
  • Opportunity to drive away in a brand new vehicle every 2 to 4 years.

Alphabet has been operating within the UK since 1997 and has a fleet of over 138,000 vehicles on the road currently. Our business, is to keep your business moving.

What is maintenance and why would I need it?

You might think that because Alphabet’s vehicles are brand new, that they won’t need any TLC. Well, in fact every vehicle, whether it’s just been driven off the forecourt or is ten years old, needs attention of some sort. That’s why adding maintenance into your contract gives you extra peace of mind.

Keeping your fleet on the road can take time and specialist experience. Maintenance will cover you if a vehicle within your fleet needs a tyre replacement after hitting a pothole or other unforeseen circumstances occur which can become costly, sometimes at short notice.

Some of the benefits for your business:

  • Checks to ensure the vehicle meets the manufacturer’s warranty conditions
  • Budget with confidence - fixed costs for regular servicing and repair or maintenance costs
  • Fair usage tyre replacements and puncture repairs
  • Quality checks and proactive management to minimise vehicle downtime
  • Support from our qualified team via our 24/7 helpline, online and via AlphaGuide

We give our customers the freedom to choose to include maintenance within their contract or not, because we understand that every business is different. If you feel you could benefit from adding maintenance into your fleet, contact us today by phone or email.

Phone: 01252 978 797

Business Leasing

At Alphabet, over 25 years of experience has taught us that the most important factor in looking after our customers, is understanding them. Whether you’re a small business owner with little time to research and manage your company vehicles, or you’re operating a fleet of hundreds of vehicles with an assortment of factors to consider, we can support you by becoming your trusted business mobility partner.

If your interests are peaked by an offer above, please send us an enquiry and we’d be happy to talk you through the details. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a fleet management solution, visit this page.

Commercial Vehicles

We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers get the right vehicle for the job at hand. Our highly experienced Commercial Vehicle team are here to guide you through the complex process of Commercial Vehicle specification, preparation through to maintenance and disposal.

Phone: 01252 978 797

For more information

Give us a call on 01252 978 797 or email us at and our team of friendly advisors will be happy to help.

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