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Travel Abroad

At Alphabet we respond to all your queries and needs.

Below you will find a list of FAQ on travelling abroad.

Can I take my company car abroad?

Please refer to your feet manager every time you need to take your company car abroad for an appropriate confirmation.

What documents are required to take a company car abroad and how can they be obtained?

If you are planning a trip abroad, please contact us via our contact form 21 days before the scheduled journey so that we can provide you with the necessary documents (a green card and an authorisation to use the vehicle abroad). The authorisation request can also be sent via the AlphaGuide app.

Please provide the following information:

  • vehicle registration number;
  • driver's details (full name, address); and
  • countries to be visited.

Please also review the list of countries for which a green card is required.
When travelling to the former USSR countries (but for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel you should have your comprehensive insurance cover extended.

How are the Alphabet cars serviced abroad?

In case of a breakdown or damage abroad, you may contact Alphabet Assistance. Invoices issued for services provided outside the territory of Poland are paid by the driver (the invoice should be issued to your company). The expenses incurred will be settled between your company and Alphabet Polska up to the amount of the costs that would have arisen under similar circumstances in Poland.

Please remember that any necessary inspections and repairs should be made prior to a scheduled journey abroad.

Is the Alphabet insurance valid abroad?

Yes, the Alphabet insurance is valid in all EU countries. However, if you plans to pass through or visit such countries as: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or Moldavia, an additional insurance will be required. If you consent to such trip and the costs of an additional insurance, please contact your Alphabet consultant.

I am planning a long journey. Will it be possible to have my car inspected before the trip?

If the mileage or time limit set for the planned technical inspection has almost been reached (+/- 500 km or +/- 30 days), the car can be checked before the trip. A check-up "just in case" can be made at the user's or company's expense. Should any irregularities be discovered during the inspection, the repair costs will be borne by Alphabet.