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Fleet Handbook Russia

Alphabet operates in Russia through its business cooperation partner Major Profi.

Spain Products
  • Operating lease
  • Fleet management
  • Financial lease
  • Long-term lease for individuals
  • Maintenance
  • Tyre service
  • Insurance
  • Replacement car
  • Delivery
  • Concierge service
  • Settlement of insurance claims
  • Fine management 
  • Technical support for drivers
  • Telematics
Term and mileage for Operating Lease

The lease period is from 12 to 60 months, mileage up to 200,000 km for both passenger and light commercial vehicles.

Term and mileage for Finance Lease

Lease period is from 6 to 60 months, without restrictions on mileage for both passenger and light commercial vehicles.  For both new cars and with mileage advance payment of 20 percent is required.


Vehicles are registered in the name of the legal owner of the car. In case of leased vehicles, the leasing company is listed in the registration documents as the owner of the car. 

Transfer of title

At the end of the leasing period, the car can be purchased by the client at the cost fixed in the lease agreement. The transfer of ownership occurs on the basis of a separately concluded contract of sale.

Required documentation
  • Vehicle registration certificate (in Russian called as PTS/ПТС = Паспорт транспортного средства)
  • Purchase and sale agreement,
  • Acceptance report to the sale agreement
  • Leasing agreement
  • Acceptance report to the leasing agreement
  • Payment order for payment of the registration fee for a car
  • Power of attorney for a company representative
Time frame

Vehicle registration takes approximately 3 working days from the date of signing the lease agreement, but this is also a subject to the availability of the car at the dealer's site.

VAT rate

VAT rate is 20%.

Tax refund and accounting

VAT is refunded by the state to the buyer, in case the organisation uses the General system of taxation (in Russian ОСН/ОСНО – общая система налогообложения).


Major Profi
Pr-d Tsvetochnyy, 17
Moscow, Russia

Phone:  +7 495 644 23 93

Latest update: June 2019