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Fleet Handbook Sweden

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  • Operating Lease
  • Financial Lease
  • Fleet Management
  • Sale and Leaseback
  • Motivational Lease
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Service, maintenance and repairs, tyre management, insurance, accident management, roadside assistance, replacement vehicles, pre-contract vehicles, daily rentals, national fees and taxes, fine management, fuel management, fleet consultancy, reporting, remarketing.

Term and mileage for Operating Lease
  • Minimum: 12 months/no minimum mileage
  • Maximum: 60 months/150.000 km

For financial lease vehicles, the vehicle is registered in the name of the customer. However, Alphabet remains the registered keeper of the vehicle.
For operational lease vehicles, the leasing company is the owner and therefore the title-holder of the vehicle.
The delivering dealer is responsible for the registration of the vehicle with the national vehicle registration authority (Transportstyrelsen).

Transfer of title

If a vehicle was registered in another EU country, the Swedish authorities require the certificate of conformity (COC document) and previous vehicle registration documents.
The registration plates of Swedish vehicles never change throughout their life span. Hence, if the vehicle is used, it is already registered and may be driven immediately.

Required documentation

As vehicle registration is an entirely electronic process, no documentation is required from the customer. Alphabet gives the dealer the required legal information (e.g. customer VAT number). The dealer then registers the vehicle electronically.

Time frame

For new vehicles, registration takes approximately one day. This time frame also applies to imported vehicles. For vehicles previously registered in Sweden, re-registration is not required as the licence plates do not change, and the vehicle may therefore be driven immediately.

VAT rate

The current VAT rate is 25%.

Since an operational lease is treated as a service, the lessor must pay VAT on each lease rental, including financing costs.

Other vehicle-related taxes and fees
  • Registration fee
    The registration fee amounts to approximately SEK 400,00 (the one-off fee is generally included in the new vehicle price and payable only when the vehicle is purchased). Thereafter, an annual registration fee of approximately SEK 150,00 is charged.
  • Road tax
    Road tax is based on CO2 emissions.
    Road tax for a BMW 320d MY2015 is currently SEK 1.103,00 per year.


    BMW 320d Touring MY2014  
    Net list price: SEK 257.680,00
    VAT: SEK 64.420,00
    Gross list price: SEK 322.100,00
    Road tax: SEK 1.103,00
    Registration fee: SEK 400,00
    Total consumer price: SEK 323.603,00
Tax refund and accounting

Customers who are eligible to reclaim VAT can recover 50% on the financial rental and 100% on the service rental.

Lessees do not capitalise or depreciate a lease contract on their books as the vehicles are owned and capitalised by the leasing company (Alphabet). Monthly lease payments are treated as operating expenses and accounted for in the profit and loss account.


The benefit for company cars is determined according to the list price for each model, as specified by the Swedish national tax administration (RSV). Any additional equipment is included in the calculation (with the exception of mobile phones).

The taxable benefit calculation of a company car is based on the following factors:

  • 31,7% of a government-stipulated base amount (2017: SEK 44.800,00).
  • 9,0% of the vehicle’s list price.
  • 75% of the government interest rate (2017: 0,9% multiplied by the vehicle’s list price.
  • If the vehicle’s list price is more than 7,5 times the baseamount (7,5 x SEK 44.800,00 = SEK 336.000,00), 20% of the excess is added to the above calculation.
  • The value of the benefit is reduced by 25% if the employee drives more than 30.000 business kilometres in a tax year. If the employer pays for fuel used privately by the employee, this results in an additional benefit. This benefit is calculated at 120% of the market value of the fuel used for private use.


BMW 320d Touring MY2014  
Gross list price: SEK 322.100,00
31,7% of base amount:
(0,317 x 44.800,00)
SEK 14.202,00
9,0% of list price:
(up to SEK 333.000,00)
SEK 28.989,00
75% of government interest rate:
(0,75 x 0,009 x 322.100,00)
SEK 2.174,00
Annual company car tax due:
(14.22,00 + 28.989,00 + 2.174,00)
SEK 45.365,00
Monthly company car tax due: SEK 3.780,00

This amount (SEK 3.780,00) is added to the employee’s gross monthly salary and taxed at their personal rate. The employer is responsible for deducting the monthly amount from the employee’s salary.

Cars with reduced company car taxation

For income year 2015, the following rules apply: Electric and hybrid vehicles that can be recharged from an outlet, and gas vehicles is first adjusted to a comparable car without environmental engineering. Then, the benefit value is adjusted down by 40%, at most 10,000.00 SEK. Hybrid elecric cars that can be charged from the mains, and cars that run on LPG, rapeseed methyl ester and other types of enviromentally friendly fuel adjusted only down to the comparable petrol/diesel car.


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