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Maintenance & Repair

What is Maintenance & Repair?

Managing the upkeep and servicing of company cars takes a lot of time. Alphabet offers you a professional, cost-efficient Maintenance and Repair service which takes care of vehicle upkeep and keeps employees mobile.

Running a fleet means taking responsibility for company cars and driver safety. Ensuring vehicle roadworthiness is your top priority. However, keeping a controlled overview of the punctual servicing and repair of every company car in your fleet is time-consuming and challenging.

With Alphabet’s Maintenance and Repair offer, we have the overview and look after all maintenance and repair processes for you. In doing so, we ensure that every car in your fleet is regularly serviced and immediately repaired to the highest standard.

We are constantly negotiating prices with service providers to ensure top quality at the best possible rates. As a volume buyer, Alphabet receives favourable supplier conditions, which our customers also benefit from. Our Maintenance and Repair also comes with additional options such as an Alphabet Service Card. With this card, your company car drivers enjoy hassle-free, cashless payment of maintenance charges.