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Alphabet releases upgraded AlphaGuide app

MUNICH 23/02/2016 – Alphabet International has launched a reshaped version of the AlphaGuide. The app greatly enhances the mobility experience by providing a wide range of useful information and features that users can access conveniently on their smartphones.

The world is rapidly going digital and the business mobility sector is feeling the effects. Committed to making life easier for drivers and fleet managers, Alphabet is going new ways to harness the potential of digitalisation and use it to boost the mobility experience. One such way is the latest version of the AlphaGuide app for smartphones.

With the new AlphaGuide, Alphabet provides an app that fulfils real customer needs. The company referred to real-life user journeys when defining the apps’ feature set. The resulting selection currently includes a mobility calendar with real-time traffic information featuring a function that tells the user when to leave to arrive at an appointment on time; service partner search with points of interests; access to leasing contract information; and damage report filing.

Furthermore, the app is designed to be dynamic from the get-go: regular updates will offer users and fleet managers new features and functions to increasingly ease their Business Mobility. This flexibility allows Alphabet to respond to changing needs and future developments, both of which are important to Alphabet as a customer-orientated company. The fleet service provider’s goal of the app is to offer users and fleet managers the ultimate mobility experience.

To date, certain features have enjoyed particular success in specific markets. For instance, German users are fond of the automated driving license check, allowing them to easily verify any Germany-issued driving license on the app. In the Netherlands, users and fleet managers are enthusiastic about a feature that facilitates mileage reporting because the country’s tax code requires precise documentation of every journey. Both features considerably reduce the administrative effort of drivers and fleet managers, which in turn saves people time and companies money.

The relaunched AlphaGuide is currently available in eight countries: Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Luxemburg, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Austria and other European countries are set to follow in the near future. Versions exist for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones. The iOS and Android ones are compatible with the corresponding smartwatches.

About Alphabet

Alphabet is a leading provider of Business Mobility in Europe. As such, it enables companies to manage their corporate mobility in an economical and sustainable way. Founded in 1997 as a division of BMW Group, Alphabet has gathered extensive knowledge of international fleet management and leasing. Its comprehensive portfolio includes consulting and funding as well as smart management products and services for company fleets. Alphabet’s Business Mobility solutions are tailor-made to meet specific corporate requirements. Today, Alphabet has more than 555,000 cars and light commercial vehicles of all makes under management and is ranked fourth in the market. Applying its expertise and technology, Alphabet also pioneers the creation of Advanced Mobility Solutions: AlphaElectric offers companies comprehensive eMobility, while AlphaCity is a cost-effective Corporate CarSharing option. Alphabet has its headquarters in Munich, Germany and is represented in 18 countries. For more information, please visit