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Safety / Eco Driver Training

What is Safety and Eco Driving?

Did you know that company car drivers have a much higher accident liability than private drivers? As a fleet manager, the safety of your drivers and vehicles is in your hands. Alphabet’s Safety & Eco Driving teaches your drivers new competences in safe and fuel-efficient driving.

Minimising your company car drivers’ risk is a financial, and in some countries, legal obligation. Alphabet puts your mind at ease with our Safety & Eco Driving courses. Our Safety Driving training provides your drivers with better vehicle handling skills. We teach them new competences such as defensive driving and hazard anticipation.

These practical approaches improve driver confidence and handling, leading to more relaxed and safer driving. As a result, collision and damage risk is lowered, sparing you accident management costs and insurance premium hikes.

With Eco Driving training, we show your drivers fuel-efficient driving. Our handy tips can improve efficiency and substantially reduce company fuel costs. Eco Driving also enhances your corporate image as a sustainable business. To ensure driving skills are kept fresh and drivers kept safe, we also offer an advanced Eco & Safety Driving package, which enables continuous driver training.